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Interested in Art Sea Craft Sea teaching a workshop to your sewing group, hen party, break out session at a conference or birthday celebration?

Simply gather 8-12 people and organise the venue and arrange a date.

Art Sea Craft Sea will arrive within Mainland UK with Janome machines, materials and all equipment required. You just arrive and enjoy!

Here are some of the current workshop projects available for you to choose from... 

Sewn Valentines Card & Love Letter

PR Photo Me Handmade Fair Promotional Pu
Valentine Card Sample Net Pink Heart Use
Valentine Card Sample Wool Use This One.
Valentines Card Samples Workshop .jpg

Let there be love! Fall in love with freehand machine embroidery on this special romantic workshop edition.


You will make your very own bespoke valentines card made to measure with your own fair hands for a special person in your life. Inspiration & ideas will be available and support throughout, to help you design and create your perfect card. This will can be sewn directly onto the card or cut out and applied once finished.


No previous sewing experience is required and would be suitable for more advanced sewers too. The second half of the workshop will be to create your own sewn love letter. Using the background of a writing pad for your letter, you will doodle scribble with your machine a message for your beloved. A unique & unusual gift from the heart. Even better if you bring your other half to enjoy the day with you allowing you to exchange your very own handmade creations. Love filled joy for all. 

How To Sew Letters Sample Workshop .jpg



Have you ever wanted to use your sewing machine and fabric collection to create writing for all of your home craft projects? 


Join Artist Stacey Chapman for this one day workshop where we will explore the basics of  freehand machine embroidery. Plus, how to use your own hand writing and printed type to produce words for any number of projects with your sewing machine. 

This workshop will explore a variety of creative ways to create lettering to allow you have a dictionary of techniques to utilise in all of your own art or craft work. Whether it be sketchy informal script or traditional typefaces crafted to resemble a computerised machine, you will leave understanding how to make textile words in your desired style. And hints and tips on how to make them stand out using colour and pattern.

Janome Sewing Machines and all materials are provided. 



How to sew letters

Where & When?  You tell me!  If you would like Art Sea Craft Sea to come teach this course at a venue near you, email All we need is a group of 8-12 people and a venue, then leave the rest to us. Look forward to seeing you there! 


Nicolas sparkler heart fireworks.jpg
Firework sparkler sample.JPG

Black backgrounds with colourful neon, metallics and satin threads will be our tools of the day for your to illustrate stunning night time illuminations, in stitch! 

Use the light drawings created by sparklers, the heart of bonfire night - the fire and colourful explosions of light as our inspiration for this fun, creative workshop. 

This freehand machine embroidery workshop is all about experimentation and building up a series of samples on various fabrics, that you can either work up into a finished product or to create a visual dictionary to expand upon and to utilise in your ongoing projects at home.

This workshop is suitable for beginners all the way up to experienced embroiderers, as you may just get to let go of perfectionism and embrace play - how exciting is that?!

It is a BLAST!!

Firework Sample 8.jpg
IMG_0030 3.jpg
IMG_0028 4.jpg

Where & When?  You tell me!  If you would like Art Sea Craft Sea to come teach this course at a venue near you, email All we need is a group of 8-12 people and a venue, then leave the rest to us. Look forward to seeing you there! 

--------------------------------------Drawing With Thread Workshop--------------------------------------

Autumn Leaves


Pattern > Pattern

Freehand Machine Embroidery & Applique Workshop 

Take a piece of patterned fabric, up-cycled clothing or brand new cloth, cut up another piece/s of fabric, playfully and thoughtfully matching colours and shapes, apply onto the background and freehand machine over the top in a decorative way - hey presto - you have just created a brand new fabric pattern! But not just any pattern.... this will be unique. Special. And utterly yours. With nothing but your imagination to limit you, the World is your oyster. Oh and did I mention how much creative fun this whole process is too....? 

As for your finished beautiful sample - it is yours to do with whatever you will, it could be used to create a greetings card, a purse, a cushion - the choices are endless. So not only do you learn a new skill, you get something to feel proud at the end of it. What could be better than that? Go for it and I look forward to seeing you there!


Freehand machine embroidery is a wonderful and versatile skill that can be applied in so many ways to different craft projects. 


Suitable for beginners and intermediate sewers. Perfect also for any artist looking for an alternative drawing medium.


Freehand Machine Embroidery sewing workshop fabric sample

Where & When?  You tell me!  If you would like Art Sea Craft Sea to come teach it at a venue near you, email


Price Upon Application

 'Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better' - Albert Einstein


The rich, intense and earthy tones with their endless variants of texture and pattern, will provide our inspiration for this creative workshop. 


Do you have basic to intermediate sewing machine skills and want to explore and expand your repertoire of mark making and colour blending, then this workshop is for you! 

Join Artist Stacey Chapman for this one day workshop, to explore the craft of  freehand machine embroidery. Enjoy the comfort blanket of a printed background to eliminate the daunting blank canvas syndrome. Starting with this printed image enhances your confidence to enable you to be a little more ambitious and experimental with your mark making and exciting colour choices. This allows you to grow your skills whilst still using the beauty of the image below to shine through between your stitches. 


We will explore the process of freehand machine embroidery to a level from which you will have the confidence to keep creating at home if you are a beginner. If you are more advanced, we will work together to grow your blending, colour matching and texture creating skills that will enhance your sewing for your ongoing projects. 

For more information or booking email


IMG_0030 2.JPG
IMG_0043 3.JPG

Back To School Basics

Basic Stitch by Hand and Machine

including Freehand Machine Embroidery 

Did you always want to learn how to sew but were never taught?


Do you need to sew badges onto uniforms and don't know how? 


Have you ever needed to replace a button but didn't know where to start?


Or would you just like to know how to thread a sewing machine and be able to sew a straight line? 


Then this is the course for you! 

We are stripping everything right back to basics for this course, inspired by some lovely young ladies who had never been shown how to thread a needle. This broke my heart. 


I think the skill of sewing is not only practical but therapeutic and 

not to mention utterly enjoyable. However if you have never learnt, it is difficult to find the confidence to try on your own. 


So, together, I would love us all to face all the fears and strip everything back the most basic skills to give you the tools to start your own sewing journey. And to make something in the process!


So not only do you learn a new skill, you get something to feel proud at the end of it. What could be better than that?


The time to learn is now! I look forward to seeing you on or this one day course soon!

Price upon Application

will include sewing machine use,


& materials

Where & When?  You tell me!  If you would like Art Sea Craft Sea to come teach it at a venue near you, email


Price Upon Application

Christmas Card & Decorations Workshop

Snowman Christmas Card workshop.jpg
Christmas Tree Card Workshop .jpg

This year, do you want to gift something unique and doesn't look like any of the other shop bought objects this Christmas time? Gift your loved ones something made just for them, by you. Not only is that a wonderful way to express your love in the festive season, you will also get a fun filled day learning news skills too! What could be better than that? 

Enjoy making Christmas Cards or Christmas decorations with freehand machine embroidery. Just gather a group of your friends together and provide the venue - then Art Sea Craft Sea will do the rest. Contact Stacey for more information and for a quotation. 

Make this Christmastime even more special for you, and for those you love.

Personal Paisley

Happy Ruth Paisley Design Workshop Sands
119Paisley Design Workshop Sands
Lucy Pearson Sue Sartain 47Paisley Desig
95Paisley Design Workshop Sands 2019.jpg

Personal Paisley Freehand Machine Embroidery/Applique Workshop

Create your own spin on a classic fabric pattern , the paisley print. Design on paper then onto fabric with the sewing machine. A pure monotone outline or colourfully painted in thread - you choose.  This artwork could then be sent away to be repeated & printed….Voila! Your own bespoke paisley fabric!


Price upon application

Clare Mercury Smiling with Work Paisley
129Paisley Design Workshop Sands
112Paisley Design Workshop Sands
105Paisley Design Workshop Sands
Paisley Pattern Workshop Sample Black Wh
Sue Paisley Design in progress.jpg
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