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This collection is diverse in its methodology, but always concerned with portraiture in one form or another. The creation of a lifelike representation has been a lifelong fascination for Chapman. 

The majority of the work shown here derives from a joint show around the theme of fish & fishermen, with the talented artist Emily Tull. 

The technique of pen and ink stippling was introduced to the artist at college by Mike Trim, known for his infamous artwork on the War of the Worlds album and his work on Joe 90, Captain Scarlett and Thunderbirds. 

The portraits of the remaining fishermen have been created up-cycling old objects, clothing and fabric. The fabric has been manipulated, drawn into with pen, pencil, ink and paint, sculpted and theatrically framed to enhance the 3D nature of the work. 

To view all of the up-cycled materials used in the making of two of the fisherman artworks, use this link in your browser bar

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