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Buy freehand machine embroidery kits

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freehand machine embroidery patterns

Always wanted to learn, but didn't 

know where to start?


Then this is your moment - right here, right now, to start your freehand machine embroidery and creative textile journey...

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Bolt On Elements to Create your own Freemotion Embroidery Kit

Beginner? Advanced? Which design is right for you? A simple outline? Sketchy, expressive creative lines or an invitation to blend your stitch with a series of colours?  Whatever suits your skill level, you will find the products you need to turn your sewing machine into a drawing tool of unlimited potential to purchase in the website shop.....

Stuck for Freemotion ideas?

Why Choose A Pattern To Follow? 

  • It is like having an adult, sewing colouring book - these designs are simply a diving board for your personal creative journey to jump off from.

  • They are not only a confidence building tool, like stabilisers on a bike. They are also a prompt for your own unique expression to emerge from.

  • If you are someone who believes you cannot draw - this removes the worry by providing the drawing for you. 

  • The designs may look incredibly simple, but I have purposely left white spaces on each of the designs. These areas are meant to be kept clear of stitching. This therefore invites you throughout the picture to practise and hone your stopping and starting of stitches and to improve your accuracy which is incredibly useful with this craft.

  • You can focus on finding the lines in front of you and how to achieve a good even stitch to trace over the lines. Whilst doing that you can familiarise yourself with how the sewing machine sounds, feels and the hoop moves whilst achieving a consistent line. Rather than thinking about what you want to draw at the same time as thinking how on earth you do it!  

  • This can be the perfect stepping stone to that very next step. 

Hand Sewn Embroidery kit

Swap Your Sewing Machine to Thread Paint your Embroidery Patten Instead

Simply use my pre drawn lines to follow over with your hand needle to create beautiful artworks with your needle and thread. Purchase the fabric printed embroidery pattern and use my designs as a launchpad for your own creative interpritation. The heavy duty cotton gaberdine fabric irons well after your remove your hoop and stretches beautifully if you would like to make a picture for yourself or your loved ones with your textile art. Happy Stitching! 

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Freehand Machine Embroidery Is Easy!

The above statement may sound controversial but I meet so many people who are fearful of this craft. Including myself when I first started. But actually, Instead of a thing to fear, it is merely using a sewing machine rather than a pen or pencil to draw with. And if you get the equipment and materials right, within 15 minutes, I promise that most people wondered what they were worried about, and more than that, begin to love this wonderful practise. This is so much fun, is the statement I hear more than any other after a workshop. 

If you have tried many other crafts and like a smorgersborg of techniques to play with, then I promise you, you will love this addition to your crafting tool belt. 


Let me help you to get started...

My designs are created to ease you into the craft. You simply follow the drawn guidelines with your machine and trace the lines with stitch.  


You learn and grow in confidence, whilst learning a versiltle and addictive new skill. You can then go on to use the craft and apply this skill to any number of  your own projects.


There are different skill levels for each design, made to suit you. Some designs are deliberately sketchy for you to use your own creative interpritation to the max. Others are very simple line drawings that can be followed verbatum. Others can be crazily sketched over with thread in an abstract way, whilst other people may take the same design and follow every tiny detail on the background and make it into an epic 2 month project. 


The choice is yours.

And that also means that you can choose whether you add other ways of creating into the mix such as acrylic painting, paper collage, embellishments, beading or any up cycled item from your recycled bin! There really are no limits, other than you imagination...


Once completed, you will have an attractive finished product that can be used in a number of ways. Some examples are: simply iron and frame, cut out and applique onto fabric, or iron and paint/embelish the background canvas or cut out and use as addition to any craft project. The choices are as big and endless as your imagination. 


Discover this whole new way of using your sewing machine!

New for 2021

New & Improved Ways to Buy My Freehand Machine Embroidery Kits

Buy Bolt on Sewing Accessories and Supplies for each Freemotion Project

If you buy over £30 worth of sewing supplies plus at least one fabric print design, you will receive your order in a lovely box and if you spend over £50, you will also get free special delivery for your order to Mainland UK.

When teaching workshops in person, I always recommended certain products for freehand machine embroidery. Due to lockdown, I am aware that it is tricky to get to shops so I wanted to create a one stop shop to buy all things freehand, to make it easier to get into this wonderful craft! 

Along with all of the basic materials you need for free motion embroidery,  I am having all of my backlog of projects transformed into accessible packages that can be enjoyed from near or far.  In time, you will be able to buy the fabric prints, downloadable PDF instruction booklets designed by a magazine editor and graphic designer plus instruction videos for each project.  

Watch this space and if you want to kept up to date as these projects come online, don't forget to subscribe!

Many thanks and all the best, Stacey x

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Stabiliser comes in a roll so can be cut
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