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Level: Medium Difficulty


Freehand Machine Embroidery Kits provide you with all the essentials to start this versatile and creative craft.  


This design looks oh so easy, but it holds some challenges for you....


Follow lines in a loose, long zig zag motion on a straight stitch setting. Drag thread slowly between lines of stitch to the next area to sew. Sew the next area and then repeat the above. Trim off the dragged thread once all the sewing in that area is complete. 

Leave the face until last, as you will have mastered more control for this small, detailed area by then. This will be your grand finish!


Please note: *You must provide your own sewing machine.

**The embroidery foot is generic and works for many models. If your sewing machine requires a specific foot, you will need to use/purchase the correct foot for your machine. Please do not use the provided foot if not suitable for your sewing machine. 

Sketchy Cat Freehand Machine Embroidery Kit

  • Brightly Coloured Box

    Gutermann Thread

    Embroidery Hoop

    Instruction Booklet

    Generic Embroidery Foot

    Embroidery Scissors

    Printed Reference

    Printed Canvas Reference

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