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Red Ultra Fine Sharpie Pen 


Permanent Ink


I am selling these specific pens as they are my go to for marking out designs on Solvy before tracing over my drawing with freehand stitch


I love the fine tip point to draw with and I keep the black version on my desk and in my handbag at all times! 


The red ink is a great idea when you are first starting out and if you sew over with a dark thread, you can clearly see where you are going 


Great idea if you struggle a little with your sight


Please note! If you do use this with Solvy, when you melt it away you will end up with a pink 'glow' once it has been removed. You can use this as part of the design or paint/embellish/stitch over it but just wanted to warn that it will leave a residue

Red Ultra Fine Liner Sharpie Pen x 1

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