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XXL Printed fabric background design on heavy 270g Gaberdine 100% Cotton fabric depicting the blue version of the Flemish Florals Embroidery project


Choose from two options - Muted or Full Brightness depending on your preference. See images with the comparison of both next to each other This is the largest print I have ever had made! This is because I wanted to make each of the tulip heads large enough for you to add extra details with the thread especially if you decide to colour blend a.k.a. paint with thread The full outer size is a huge 40 x 32cm.


Within this design I have allowed a working margin around the flowers that is a minimum of an inch from the edge, allowing you be able to manoeuvre an embroidery hoop around the design as you work


Background pattern prints are suitable for both: Freehand Machine Embroidery & Hand Embroidery You will receive a bonus glossy inkjet print of the original image on thin card. (One card print will be sent per order.) This is to be used as reference as you sew. If you have a magnifying glass, this may be useful if you want to really examine the colours on the flowers to aid your depiction.


This project, along with all of my other print projects, is as wide as your imagination! There are no rules - only your individual response to the background fabric to be used as your creative spark!


This project is suitable for beginners: You could simply use this as a first attempt at freehand machine embroidery, just put your foot down and create anything from a messy thread scribble to trying to follow the outside of the flowers with your needle.


This project is suitable for improvers to intermediates: If you have already tried free-motion and want to do more, this offers a great solution for you too. You have a choice of whether to try and hone your accuracy skills by accurately tracing the outlines of each of the flowers in limited colours. For the next step up once you are ready, you could begin to tackle the 'colouring in' of the flowers. Again, this could be with a limited, basic thread colour palette to get to used to following the printed design whilst your skills are improving.


The project is suitable for highly skilled freehand machine embroidery practitioners: This printed background could provide months worth of honing, colour blending and design options to the most advanced of thread painting practitioners. The dense weave and weight of the fabric will allow you to work very heavily with your stitching and can layer upon layer with different colours, textures and variety of finishes of your threads. If you are intending to do this, despite its weight, I would suggest using 2 layers or tear away stabiliser behind to allow for any excess tension in the fabric.


Like the Autumn Leaves design, I have had two varieties of finish printed for the flowers: Muted The muted version allows those who are looking to fully embroider and thread paint all of the flower heads, to have their stitching really stand out from a muted tone of the background, yet still give you enough detail to prompt your stitching


Full Brightness The full brightness background is the same colour as the reference photograph in its vivid full coloured glory. This background is best for beginners as if you decide to just outline, add a little bit of shading/highlights or thread scribble, the beauty of the background will shine brightly. Your stitching will be less visible than the above, which will allow you relax more into the craft as you learn. Even if your stitching has a few tricky patches, due to the strong print, you will still end up with a beautiful piece that you can proudly mount as your first attempt at free-motion.


In order to choose either muted or full brightness, choose from the Product Option box below. If you encounter any problems with this, please just order the other version and leave me a note saying you would like the alternative colour way. 


The printed fabric is washable at 40 degrees on a gentle wash, but be aware that if embroidered with old or damaged threads that the dye can run, so proceed with extreme caution before washing and iron on a medium warm iron


The print will be sent by First Class Post to Mainland UK only (Unless you decide to opt for the Special Delivery option). The fabric and card prints will be sent flat in an A3 envelope or possibly by other means if ordered with other items. Due to the size, the direct cost for me to post this item is £3.85 plus packaging of 20p for the envelope = £4.05


If you would rather pay less and have the printed items folded to fit into an A4 envelope, please do write Y in the box below and I will refund you the difference. The direct cost for this postage option is £1.83 + 17p for the envelope = £2.00 If you choose this option please note your printed fabric will have a crease that will need to ironed out and may leave a trace of the fold even after ironing in some cases. Your printed card reference will have a crease that cannot be removed.


Some elements of your package may be up-cycled as I try to reduce waste and re use as much as I possibly can.


If you live outside of Mainland UK, please do contact me for a postal quotation at


Why use a fabric print background for your embroidery work?


Following an existing pattern to start this craft is great for people who: Think they cannot draw! Perfectionists who are not so keen on the random messy lines that can be synonymous with machine embroidery People who would like to build up confidence and build up their skills in this craft before moving onto their own thread drawing Personally, I find it is very therapeutic just to simply trace the lines in thread without having to make design/colour decisions or to have to follow written instructions as I sew. You don’t have to think you just simply stitch over what is in front of you. I find the repetitive process of the stitching is soothing and satisfying, both by hand sewing and by machine. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

Embroidery Printed Background Fabric - Flemish Florals Blue Design - Extra Large

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