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Download this PDF containing a comprehensive written guide of how to start the practise of Freehand Machine Embroidery, created in collaboration with Janome. 


Set your printer page for double sided printing to print the booklet correctly, then the pages will flow in the correct order. Then simply print out for your future reference every time you next ready to machine embroider.


This clear and consise information outlines all of the very nuts and bolts of how to begin freehand drawing with your sewing machine. It lists and expains all of the equipment you will require and how to go about setting up your machine for this craft. 


This invaluable information will give you all you need to begin your freehand machine embroidery journey and for you to begin to use your sewing machine as a drawing tool. 


Simply purchase the download for the price of buying me a cup of coffee, to help cover all of the work involved in creating this booklet. 


The document can be saved for reference on your computer and then printed out on your home computer on two A4 sheets. Fold the sheets in the middle and you have a booklet with four A5 pages of instructions. 


Along with all of the written information, if you have any questions once you start sewing, feel free to drop me an email if you need any further assistance or confidence boosting! I would be very happy to hear from you. 


WARNING!! This craft is completely addictive and knows no end with all of its boundary pushing potentinal, so prepare yourself for potentially the crafting habit of a lifetime! 


Happy sewing! 



Double Click to Purchase PDF Download Freehand Machine Embroidery Instructions

  • Download to keep the file on your computer. 


    Simply print the PDF in your standard settings and create a 4 sided A5 sized booklet, by folding the two pages in half. 

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