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If you are a beginner to freehand machine embroidery, have read the basics PDF download and you are ready to get drawing with your sewing machine, then this is the perfect next step for you...


Use my drawn lines of this cute kitten design to give you a sure fired way of succesfully making your first piece of freehand machine embroidery artwork.


This design can also be used for hand embroidery too - with instructions for this method also included in the booklet. 


By following my drawn lines, it removes the anxiety about what to draw or will your first attempt look good enough. You simply use my design to trace over with thread by manouvering your hoop to achieve a recognisable, playful image right off the bat! 


By following pre drawn designs, this process will allow you to grow in skills and confidence whilst still creating something attractive, which will prepare you to move onto your own indiviual projects after succesfully completing this project. 


This 8 page, downloadable A5 PDF booklet will give you step by step comprehensive instructions to complete this beginners project. The booklet has been edited by a magazine editor and designed by a professional graphic designer to create this lovely mini book that will be with your every step of the way, filled with hints and tips to help you complete this enjoyable project. 


How It Works

  • Once you open the download, you simply ensure the settings on your printer are set for dual sided printing and press print.
  • From the printed pages, remove full kitten illustration from the back page which doesn't need to be folded and can be used for you to transfer the design onto fabric.
  • Then simply fold the remaining printed A4 sheets in half to create your booklet.



Feel free to transfer the image yourself onto a piece of fabric or alternatively, you can purchase the printed fabric design from the online shop which can be sent to you, along with most other items you will need to complete the project such as a hoop or stabiliser.


The finished sewn Cute Kitten can be cut out after completing the project and can be appliqued onto other craft projects such as a quilt, a bag or a t-shirt. Or attached to a background cloth and framed as a picture.


If you do run into any problems along the way, I will always be on the other end of an email to assist you if needed at  


If you have any questions do let me know and happy sewing! 


P.S.  Do send me pictures of your finished artwork!


Double Click to Purchase PDF Download Cute Kitten Instructions

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