Fabric print on heavy Gaberdine cotton fabric depicting my ornate plate design for freehand machine embroidery


These printed background can also be used for hand embroidery


Please note: The prints may be subject to change in size or printed colour variations due to different printing batches


You will receive a glossy inkjet print of the illustration on thin card, (one card print per order). This is to be used as reference as a bonus to help you look at the illustration as you stitch. 


This project, along with all of my other print projects, is as wide as your imagination! 


What would happen if you stitched the plate in crazy colours?! 


What would happen if you embelished the plate with collaged, kitsch cherubs or the Queen, as if it were a Coronation plate?! 


A picture has been attached of the finished print design sewn and then cut out and mounted onto a beautiful bright yellow vintage napkin. What would you mount yours on? 


I am also selling small versions of the plate which can be sewn used as coasters, with this large version as a potential dinner place matt. The printed fabric is washable at 40 degrees on a gentle wash, but be aware that if embroidered with old or damaged threads that the dye can run, so proceed with caution before washing and iron on a warm iron 


I will be selling a pack of 2 dinner plates and two coaster sized designs very soon...






Why use a fabric print background for your embroidery work? 


Why Follow A Pattern? 

Following an existing pattern to start this craft is great for people who: 

  • Think they cannot draw!
  • Perfectionists who are not so keen on the random messy lines that can be synonymous with machine embroidery
  • People who would like to build up confidence and build up their skills in this craft before moving onto their own thread drawing
  • Personally, I find it is very therapeutic just to simply trace the lines in thread without having to make design/colour decisions or to have to follow written instructions as I sew. You don’t have to think you just simply stitch over what is in front of you. I find the repetitive process of the stitching is soothing and satisfying, both by hand sewing and by machine.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at stacey@artseacraftsea.com


Ornate Plate Design Fabric Print - Large


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