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One individual refill roll of Scotch Magic Tape


I find this tape invaluable when I am creating textile artwork, especially applique


I sew over this tape to secure fabric pieces and then peel away once I have sewn one line of stich to keep all placed parts, safely in place


I don't tend to pin any applique shapes, I simply use this tape. I discovered this product at college, as it is a beloved Graphic Design tool. I decided to try it on fabric a few years ago and I have used it as a part of my essential toolkit since. 


I love it because even thought it holds most things very firmly in place, isn't too sticky and doesn't leave a sticky residue and I don't have to move my carefuly placed pieces when attempting to manouver pins into appliqued shapes


This tape can be drawn over with a sharpie pen


This tape can be stuck down on fabric to act as a guide for a straight line


The tape can also be used to tape offcuts of stabiliser together if you need a larger stabiliser piece. Once secured and behind your work, can simply be sewn over without adverse effects.


Top Tip!


If you choose to use this tape, do not sew over multiple times as it will be a pain to remove tape as it will have broken into pieces with the stitch. Simply sew one line of stitch over the tape to secure the fabric pieces below. Then remove the tape that will have split in two with the stiches, before continuing your freehand work over the top


You can buy the dispenser for these, but I just tear or cut the tape without the dispenser

One roll of Scotch Magic Tape - Alternative to Pins for Appliqué

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