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Fabric print out pattern of a little Terrier illustration


Printed on high quality, 270g weight 100% Gaberdine fabric which is perfect for embroidery


Washable up to 30 degrees and iron on a medium-medium/hot iron


No need to be able to draw - just simply trace over the lines with thread on the sewing machine or by hand


Attain a great finished embroidery piece easily by emulating the illustration and then cut out and applique your finished sample on a bag, a quilt or something else!


Great practise for beginners to master the skill of freehand machine embroidery by using the existing lines to hone your skills by following as precisely as possible, before moving onto your own drawn or freestyle designs


A PDF booklet to purchase, similar to the Kitten booklet, with the full instructions of how to create this will be coming soon! 


If you are a complete beginner at Freehand Machine Embroidery and are unsure where to start, I would highly recommend puchasing the Basics PDF booklet which covers all of the materials and set up required for this craft practise


Postage and packaging to Mainland UK only by First Class Mail

Freehand Machine Embroidery or Hand Embroidery Fabric Print Pattern

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