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Create a heartfelt, personalised and unique gift for a loved one, using this blank sheet of 'paper' on which to write your message of choice...


The only question is, what will you write on yours?


And to whom will you send this everlasting, handmade gift that can easily be sent in the post, in these times of separation?


Perfect for both hand or machine embroidery


Either sew your text directly on or pre scribe with a water soluble pen to follow your practised handwriting or doodle


The printed fabric background depicts blue lines and a red margin, measuring approximately 25x32cm


The print is on a 270g 100% cotton gaberdine, a good heavy weight that irons well and will be able to take light to heavy stitching


I would recommend placing a piece of tear away stabiliser behind the print that is larger than the background by at least an inch all around. This allows you to move the hoop to the outer most edges of the work and maintain stability


The sewn image pictured shows my hand created version of the paper as the print hadn't arrived in time. But the principle is exactly the same, without having to carefully sew in the lines before scribing your note with thread. It also will give you a crisper and more professional finished outcome as it will show off your sewn words even more. 


I would advise to buy this ASAP If you would like to ensure its safe arrival before the Denman at Home Valentines Special with Kelly on 6th February, it may be worth purchasing the special delivery option if you want to guarantee its safe arrival before the class. If not, you could always watch the class, take notes and then sew at your leisure afterwards.  



Fabric Printed 'Paper' Background for Freehand or Hand Embroidery

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