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Black Twin Tip Fine/Ultra Fine Sharpie Pen 


Permanent Ink


These twin tip Sharpies are great as they have the flexibility to change the size and heaviness of line when drawing or marking out without needing to find or carry an alternative pen. 


I am selling these specific pens as they are my go to for marking out designs on Solvy before tracing over my drawing with freehand stitch


I love the ultra fine tip point to draw with and I keep the black version on my desk and in my handbag at all times! 


If you sew over the black ink with a dark thread, it increases the depth of colour and makes your black sewing look more intense.


If tracing over with black thread, it challenges your skills as it is tricky to see where you have alredy sewn which can make the project more fun!



Please note! If you do use Sharpie pens with Solvy, when you melt it away you will end up with a grey bleed once it has been removed. You can use this as part of the design or paint/embellish/stitch over it but just wanted to warn that it will leave a residue. To minimise this, use the pen lightly in a sketchy way, rather than strong heavy lines.

Black Dual Tip Ultra Fine/Fine Liner Sharpie Pen x 1

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