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Fabric print on heavy Gaberdine cotton fabric depicting the Autumn Leaves


These patterns are perfect for freehand machine embroidery


These printed background can also be used for hand embroidery


Please note: The prints may be subject to change in size or printed colour variations due to different printing batches


You will receive a glossy inkjet print of the bright image on card, (one card print per order), for reference as a bonus to help you look at two different colour versions of the same project as you stitch -  both the fabric beneath your stitch and the printed card which do tend to vary a little which is interesting. You can also take the third option of looking into your minds eye, or to nature, as your reference and be utterly creative with your colour choices! This project, along with all of my other print projects, is as wide as your imagination! 


Two alternatives are on sale - the pale or the bright version:


The bright version is great if you want to use the pattern underneath as a more precise reference for the colours to copy or inspire your stitch work. This eliminates the need to keep looking back constantly to examine the printed card reference. 


Your stitches almost meld into the bright print, so if you are a complete novice at freehand and are wanting to build confidence whilst honing your skills, you may want to choose this one. Because you still end up with something beautiful because of the strong colour underneath this is a good option as the odd slip up of stitch will meld into the background!


With either colour option, design is great as a very long term project if you go slowly and surely to start at one end as a beginner and work your way across until you are a professional! It took me about a month to finish my full sample of this fabric print. 


The pale version is great if you want to get more pictorial impact with your stitching. It will provide you with a rough, pale tonal guide and clear lines for you to follow with your stitch work. If you use bright and bold colours with your stitch, they will look even brighter due to the pale background colour showing through between stitches. 


The prints will be sent out by First Class Royal Mail post in a hard backed envelope or an alternative if  bought with additional items


Please note I am keen to use upcycled packaging as much as possible to prevent uncessary waste and to minimise postage costs


Why use a fabric print background for your embroidery work? 


Why Follow A Pattern? 

Following an existing pattern to start this craft is great for people who: 

  • Think they cannot draw!
  • Perfectionists who are not so keen on the random messy lines that can be synonymous with machine embroidery
  • People who would like to build up confidence and build up their skills in this craft before moving onto their own thread drawing
  • Personally, I find it is very therapeutic just to simply trace the lines in thread without having to make design/colour decisions or to have to follow written instructions as I sew. You don’t have to think you just simply stitch over what is in front of you. I find the repetitive process of the stitching is soothing and satisfying, both by hand sewing and by machine.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at


Autumn Leaves Fabric Embroidery Background Print

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