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Sold per meter at 1m width, this invaluable tool for freehand machine embroidery is my go to and use it all the time in my work and workshops. 


It is completely transparent and can be drawn on with a Sharpie or some biros. If you are wishing to transfer an image and do not want to draw it yourself you can simply use this like tracing paper, copy the image, place it over the fabric and sew the image in place. Rip off excess and soak away the rest and you are left with your stitched, traced drawing. 


Please note, if using on very light cloth, be judicious when removing the solvy with pen on as on some occasions it may bleed onto the cloth. Try and rip the excess away as much as possible then get a paintbrush with water and just dab away at the remaining plastic. 


If you would like to buy more than one meter, just add how many meters you would like in the box and it will be cut in one continuous length and sent out folded. 


Free postage and packing.

1m x 1m Solvy Stabiliser

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