Use this printed fabric background to create your own stunning and unique textile artwork for the Festive Season for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy year after year.


This joyful project is suitable for any level of sewer or crafter due it being all about your own interpretation of the printed image. As well as being an attractive entry level project, needing very little stitching or embellishment to look very effective, it will also be a challenge for even the most seasoned of stitcher, if taken to extreme levels of detail! Trust me, I found it a challenge myself!


It can also be completed fully by hand stitch, so no machine = no problem!


How Should I Make My Textile Artwork?

Freehand machine embroidery, hand embroidery, embellishments, mixed media collage or anything else you fancy! Everything works well for this open book of a project, either using just one technique or multiple disciplines layered over each other.


The only real question is, how far do you want to take it....


If you use the background to learn freehand machine embroidery and you are new to the craft, I would recommend you purchase and download the PDF Freehand Machine Embroidery Basics booklet. The booklet is available in the shop on this site. Follow the instructions, set up and material lists as a warm up, before starting this fireside project. 


The Printed Fabric Background Options

The high quality fabric print is approximately 30 cm wide and printed onto high quality cotton. The richer cotton satin option isn't as heavy and is thinner, so please ensure you use at least one, if not two layers of tear away stabiliser underneath your hooped background to prevent any gathering. If you are sewing lightly, you may not need to hoop. 


For the lighter version of the thicker cotton Gaberdine, this can be sewn into heavily, hooped and easily ironed. 


You can choose from the very dark print in the lighter cotton satin, or a lighter coloured version in the heavy gaberdine fabric. See the additional information section below to help you choose...


What Will I Get and How Will It Arrive?

The fabric picture will be send to you by first class mail in a hard backed envelope.  You will receive along with the fabric order, two bonus high quality print outs on glossy photo-paper for your reference (one of each printed card per order).

One print will depict details of my own sewn sample and the second pictures the photoshopped image that I designed for the image. 


Coming Soon!

A comprehensive PDF booklet download is also being formatted and designed by a graphic designer and magazine editor, to accompany this project and will be available to purchase on this website soon.

In this booklet, I have written every detail of how I created my own sample by machine and an image and brief notes on how to create this fully by hand stitch.


This instruction guide will be most useful to the people that would like to work the piece up to emulate my own depiction of the fireside scene.


The booklet is filled with lots of hints and tips. I would love you to take my personal Fireside interpretation to spark your own take on the piece, but if you want to follow my techniques verbatim too, then that is also fine )  Whatever works for you, is good by me. 


Lastly, please do not forget to send me through your finished pictures - I would love to see them and share them with our growing community. 


If you have any questions at all, then please do let me know. Thank you for your purchase and your support. 


All the best, 



P.S. I will be hosting a workshop where I touch on all of the techniques I used to create this piece, demonstrated over 2 x 2 hour sessions online at Denman at Home on Tuesday 8th and 15th December 2020 at 11am GMT To book visit and I will look forward to 'seeing' you there!


P.P.S. If you are late in signing up to the course and need the print urgently for the Denman workshop, do order the print and request Special Delivery in the order box. Unless it is a Friday which is more, it will cost an additional £5.25 for which I will invoice you separately for. I will ensure I take your parcel within opening hours that same day. 

Traditional Christmas Fireplace Fabric Background for Textile Artwork

  • You can choose from the very dark print on the cotton satin which is a lighter weight fabric, or a lighter coloured version in the heavy gaberdine cotton fabric.

    The darker lightweight version will work really well if you would like to work in metallic threads or predominantly beadwork or complete the project fully by hand stitch.  Or, you just want to add a small amount of stitching such as the odd bauble on the tree, bows to the gifts and a gold star. If you want to add twinkly fabrics and threads, keep your additions to the minimum and watch the dark background show off your sparse, twinkly work beautifully. Less will be more when working in this way. 

    The lighter heavy weight fabric version is more appropriate if you are going to stitch in a lot more detail. My pictured sample was created on a smaller, lighter version than the print for sale. The lighter version allowed me to see more of the details I wanted to add in and meant that I didn't need to refer back to the photographic image as much due to being able to see the print clearly and worked from there.

    Even though I wanted the ease of working on the lighter backdrop, I also wanted to maintain the very dark overall look of the scene to maximise the glow of the lights and metallics.  So, once finished, I added a layer of organza covering the whole scene and cut out the lightest areas I wanted to highlight. Therefore, I was able to get best of both Worlds. 

    Ordering the Dark or Light Fabric Background

    To order either the dark or lighter versions, please do write in the note box or email me at stating dark or light.

    (Please note: Colours and sizes of the print may vary due to different print runs.)


    Which Project Is Right For You?

    For a beginner sewer, you could use the piece to practise some very basic, simple straight or backstitching to highlight areas you are drawn to in the picture and you can leave the rest of the background without stitching, as per the printed image. I would recommend if you use this for a pared back textile artwork, the atmospheric background has been made exceptionally dark on purpose to enhance the brightness of twinkling metallic or glow in the dark threads. Use these light metallic threads sparingly for maximum impact only on the very lightest of areas. My suggestion for beginner stitchers to aim for with this project will be to grow in confidence and your accuracy of stitching whilst creating a beautiful sample for you to keep or as a gift.


    For the sewing curious artists who are new to stitching, this is a great project for you to work on due to working on the artwork with an understanding of creating highlights and lowlights, will have the most effective results. Applying this artistic knowledge of colour and shading will produce a successful and dramatic final product.

    You need only see your needle as your pencil, either by machine or hand and almost forget about it being sewing.

    Using just one repeated straight stitch throughout the work, you could create stunning results. As long you can give yourself a bit of time, you can tie a knot in a length of thread, can stab a needle through the cloth, and have a decent range of colours and tones to 'paint' with, you will soon understand what a wonderful, soothing practise drawing with thread is. I would also wager you will be surprised at how quickly you will transfer your drawing skills accurately into thread, just by practising. Give it a try! You won't regret it :) 


    For the advanced crafters, embellishers and sewers, this is a series of mini projects all rolled into one background that will keep you busy for some time...!

    Your approach to every separate area of the picture will be a creative and artistic challenge. Some areas will require a less is more approach and other sections you may want to heavily cover with a multitude of techniques and finishes until the textiles raise far from the background. 

    If you are in need of inspiration of how to go about tackling each area within the picture, do look out for the PDF download booklet coming soon to this website that comprehensively will cover how I created every aspect of my own sample. 

    If you have any questions, please do let me know! 

    Thank you for your support, 


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