Completed Freehand Machine Embroidered Flemish Floral Project by Kate Wollaston

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Keep your eyes peeled as, in time, I will be selling my online workshops directly from this website too. Yay! 

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Freehand Machine Embroidery Workshops

Come learn this wonderfully versatile and enjoyable craft. I am teaching in various parts of the country, so check out the latest courses and book online.


I also teach 1:1 in London and the South East in the comfort of your own home on your own sewing machine. 

I am a self taught freehand machine embroiderer and will teach you my own tried and tested methods.


My emphasis will be on your artistic and creative expression, rather than a very technical how to. I will teach you the basic information on how to practise the craft. Then, after that, the only limit is your imagination...


I should also mention, it is, seriously addictive...

Looking for enthusiastic encouragement? Individual coaxing out of your inner creative voice? Then look no further. 

Sadly  all unperson workshops cancelled

due to covid 19

Dates: ?

Total Duration: 6h

Time: 10- 4pm

Location: Sands Hotel, Margate


Fingers crossed!

Time: 10am - 4pm
Total Duration: 6h
Location: Sands Hotel, Margate

Workshop Examples

...I thought the workshop was brilliant.  It was well structured to build up the necessary skills to make the expressive eye.  I also think that you are a brilliant and talented teacher. You gave positive thoughtful praise and then knew how to move each of us on.  I left feeling positive about what I had achieved and even more so since I felt challenged...                                    Ruth, July 2018

I had such a great day at the workshop. The location was fab, the space & facilities were brilliant (a machine each was such a luxury, have had to queue before in other workshops, which is ok but a bit frustrating) - and you were an inspirational teacher with boundless enthusiasm, good energy and encouragement for us all. 

                                                                 Karen, April 2018

Architectural Homage

Freehand Machine Embroidery 

-----------------------------------Applique & More Workshop  


Ever wanted to use your craft skills to create a work of art that pays homage to that very special or much admired building in your life? If so, then this is the workshop for you! 

Join Artist Stacey Chapman for this one day course where we explore the craft of freehand machine embroidery where you will learn all of the basics plus how to transfer a design from a photo, find the important 'lines' in your reference photograph, make your own pattern that depicts your chosen building, to cut out and appliqué. You will be encouraged to explore obvious and maybe not so obvious choices of fabric/textures to portray your subject. Throughout the day you will be encouraged to be playful and curious about how you can use as much mark making difference in your freehand stitching to create a completely personal and bespoke artwork. All the while you will be building your confidence in the skills of translating a reference picture into a design, freehand machine embroidery and appliqué. The aim of the course is for you to return home with your beautiful, bespoke piece that is an individual as you are, for you to have more confidence in making design decisions and the aforementioned craft skills, due to learning in a nurturing, fun and creative environment.

Janome Sewing Machines and all materials are provided at our lux venue, with stunning, unobstructed sea views of Margate Main Sands. 


When?  10-4pm Sat 16th May 2020

Where?  Sands Hotel, Margate, Kent

How?                    by going to the shop, adding the workshop to your shopping cart and then checking out. Alternatively you can pay by cheque or bank transfer. Contact us on 07815053716 or for more information. 




& materials

Freehand Machine Embroidery Workshop

When?  10-4pm Sat 2nd November 2019

Where?  Sands Hotel, Margate, Kent

Personal Paisley




& materials

Saturday 2nd November - 10-4pm Sands Hotel, Margate, Kent 

Personal Paisley £59 p.p.

Create your own spin on a classic fabric pattern , the paisley print. Design on paper then onto fabric with the sewing machine. A pure monotone outline or colourfully painted in thread - you choose.  This artwork could then be sent away to be repeated & printed….Voila! Your own bespoke paisley fabric!

How?                              by going to the shop, adding the workshop to your shopping cart and then checking out. Alternatively you can pay by cheque or bank transfer. Contact us on 07815053716 or for more information. 

Tel: +447815053716|

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