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Read the information, choose your design below and then....

Beginner? Advanced? Which design is right for you? A simple outline? Sketchy, expressive creative lines or shading with a few colours...

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Freehand Machine Embroidery Is Easy!

It is simply using a sewing machine, rather than a pen or pencil, to draw. 


These kits are designed to ease you into the craft. You simply follow the drawn guidelines with your machine and trace the lines with stitch.  


You learn and grow in confidence, whilst learning a versiltle and addictive new skill. You can then go on to use the craft on your own projects.


There are different skill levels of kit, each made to suit you. Some are deliberately sketchy for you to use your own creative interpritation to the max. Others are very simple line drawings that can be followed verbatum. Then there are kits with two colours for you to pick out the subtle differences in colour on the design. You then follow with each tone with the matching thread. 


The choice is yours.


Once completed, you will have an attractive finished product that can be used in a number of ways. Some examples are: simply iron and frame, cut out and applique onto fabric, or iron and paint/embelish the background canvas or cut out and use as addition to any craft project. The choices are as big and endless as your imagination. 


Buy your kit now and enjoy a whole new way of using your sewing machine!

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Spot Terrier

Easy/Medium Kit. Follow the lines in loose long stitches. Cut the threads once each section is finished.