This collection of fashion illustration imagery has recently been resurrected due to setting aside a month of 'play time', away from freehand machine embroidery work. 

It is a revisitation of a lifelong obsession with retro fashion, vintage fabrics and Hollywood glamour. The first work created in this manner was at just 15 years old and now feels just like coming home. 

The artworks are created by up-cycling an endlessly growing pile of stunning vintage fabrics, offcuts, costume jewellery, old clothing and hoarded odds and ends. The elements are united by a central portrait, illustrated on fabric with pen, pencil, inks, paint, collage, embroidery and sewn embellishments. 

The aim of the work is to honour the vintage fabric that many of us store away in drawers and cupboards, in the hope that one day they will be useful. 


I love the concept of taking these hidden treasures out of the closet and creating truly unique and beautiful pieces. 

Illustration portrait utilising 1970s Japense wedding linen
Embroidered eye detail of experimental illustration
Fashion portrait on cream and brown barkcloth with loose threads
Fashion illustration on Sanderson roses vintage fabric
Illustration in Pink Satin Shirt
Vintage style Fashion Illustration
Portrait depicted on pink sateen 1940's curtain
Fashion Illustration Vintage Brown
Illustration on red & white patterned fabric
Etherial Lady
Print, hand embroidery and appliqué.
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Illustration on red & white patterned fabric