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Creative Confidence

January 23rd 1.30pm & Wednesday 10th February

Have you ever said to yourself or out-loud that you are not creative or you cannot draw...


If so, then this may be the course for you....


This experimental session will be a playful combination of curious exploration around the subject of creativity through story telling, anecdotes, questions, playful practical exercises with the intention of helping participants question any existing perceptions on this subject. You will be encouraged to free up, to let go and get the creative juices flowing without any pressure, just enjoying the freedom of creation for creations sake. 


Using personal experience of my own creative process as well as working with participants in creative workshops. Also drawing upon the work of different creativity commentators that I have read and seen over the years, this session will be an amalgamation of all of these sources. Whether you consider yourself a creative person and feel temporarily blocked or consider yourself non artistic in any way shape or form, let us join together, in a supportive, lighthearted and fun creative play session, where we leave perfectionism at the door and use this period of time to give some consideration to shaking up those stale road blocks. And have some creative fun at the same time! 


The aim of the course is to shine a light on and offer creative exercises to help you playfully jump over stumbling blocks to assist you begin or restart your own personal creative journey. Set within an encouraging, fun environment, listen to others experiences to help you think about your own creative process and spark some creation! 

Mark Making

27th January 1.30pm and 20th February 3pm

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw but were unsure if you could?  Or where to start? Then this course is for you. 


Let us start from the very beginning...


In this course you will learn all of the very basic skills of how to create marks on your paper, that, with drawing exercises and practise, will lay the foundations for good, solid drawing techniques to take you throughout your creative journey. 


We will cover everything from the basic equipment required, how to hold your drawing tools and how mark making can gently ease you into the process of drawing. 


With gentle, enthusiastic baby steps, Stacey will guide you every step of the way. 

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