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Stacey Chapman has a degree in Illustration and after a background in retail, loved her job designing sets for events and corporate launches. After 9 years of illness she is making a comeback into the world of work by setting up her own business – Art Sea Craft Sea. The business came about through making gifts for family members from up-cycled fabrics and the desire to reduce unnecessary landfill. Taking a dressmaking course put Stacey on first name terms with a sewing machine and then after viewing Kirstie Allsopp learning machine embroidery, the chance of combining sewing with drawing was too appealing to resist. After her mother adopted a rescue Chihuahua, he was the perfect subject to try the new craft and make a unique, handmade gift. The picture was a success and after researching, she found a distinct gap in the market and the main crux of the business was born.

Stacey lives in the burgeoning artistic town of Margate with her beloved pooch Ruby and her boyfriend Gavin